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Check out the book reviews below, provided by Letrisha Weber, Board Member of the National Coalition for Public School Options and parent advocating for and experienced with school choice, including online and hybrid learning environments.

Public School Options is an organization of parent volunteers and allies dedicated to supporting and defending parents' rights to access the best public school options for their children.


Although I wish I could share a favorite, lighthearted or funny children’s book for the Book Nook, I realized that these two books were more important to share in the unfortunate time of loss from COVID. Several years ago we were preparing for the loss of a family member to illness. Knowing that he was in his final stages, we searched for books to help my husband and me navigate the conversation to help our children process their first close family loss. Sadly, many of us are faced with the possible loss of loved ones to COVID. My youngest daughter insightfully suggested that perhaps “our books” would help other children in this situation as well.


Covid has brought a different perspective on loss for many people. But how do we help our (especially young) children process this experience?  Perhaps by doing it in a way that opens the conversation for them gently is more important now than ever.  It also, provides a means to revisit their feelings and ask questions as they move through their grief process.  As much as I don’t want anyone reading this to need these books, I hope they help you and your children with loss if needed.  

Choose wisely and stay safe.
Letrisha Weber

Fall of Freddie.jpg

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

The Fall of Freddie The Leaf is a story that gently walks young children through the concept of loss and that all life must eventually come to an end. Author Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D demonstrates that there are changes in life and that we all experience them differently. But most importantly, a friend helps Freddie understand and minimize his fear of the unknown and focus on all “the living” that we get to enjoy. This metaphorical story leaves children understanding that although it can be scary or sad to lose a loved one, it is the natural progression and we should enjoy the memories created by living.


Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children

by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen

An especially helpful book for these times of loss from illness is Lifetimes by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. The minimalism used in this book made a difficult subject much more approachable for both our older and younger child at the time. It allowed them to fill in their own level of understand and relatability. This book again uses things in nature to relate death in terms that are more easily received at their developmental stage. It does specifically address illness as a reason for loss, making it particularly helpful now.

School Choice Roadmap.jpg

The School Choice Roadmap by Andrew Campanella

In this time of educational fluctuations and reevaluation of priorities for families across the state, it is priceless to find unbiased resources on choosing the right school. The School Choice Roadmap by Andrew Campanella is just what this year needed. The first paperback edition was released in January 2020.


Little did we all know how much we would need this wonderful compilation of resources and advice from a seasoned advocate for school choice. Andrew breaks down all the different options for schooling regardless if public, private or homeschooling.  Using his “7 steps to finding the right school for your child,” any family can learn what is available and make the decision for their children based on clear information rather than getting lost in the hype.

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